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Style Coaching Services

You're a woman with a closet full of clothes but NOTHING to wear! At least not for who you're SUPPOSED to be today...

You reach for the same old thing every time you get dressed in the morning... You see other women walk by looking like they own the world... And style that reflects how you wanna feel everyday - FUHGETTABOUTIT!

I TOTALLY get it.

Don’t worry sister, you’re in the right place! I help women who are going through TRANSITION find TRANSFORMATION. This might look like a divorcee who's found herself back in the dating world, a professional woman who wants to up her game and advance her career, or a life-long wallflower who FINALLY wants to look & feel amazing!

I'm a Style Coach who helps women identify how they want to FEEL every day and teaches them how to SHOW UP in the world with their HIGHEST-VIBE, authentic style!

And I can help YOU too!

style coaching services
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6 Weeks + Unlimited Support

Week 1 - Identify Your Core Desired Feelings

Week 2 - The Ruthless Closet Purge

Week 3 - Reinvent Your Current Wardrobe (5 Newly-Styled Outfits)

Week 4 - The Shopping Sesh (aka Dressing to Feel Good)

Week 5 - Confidence Coaching (aka Showing Up the Way You Want to Feel)

Week 6 - Creating Goals with Soul

Unlimited Text/Phone/E-mail Support

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3 Hour Session

1 Hour - Identify Your Core Desired Feelings

1 Hour - The Ruthless Closet Purge

1 Hour - Reinvent Your Current Wardrobe (3 Newly-Styled Outfits)

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1 Time - Special Occasion

Big event coming up...high school reunion, charity gala, holiday cocktail party? Stilettos with Soul has you covered!

You set the budget and we hunt down the best damn dress... something you can't find locally, exclusive designer finds up to 90% off, even one-of-a-kinds!

Includes discovery call to learn more about your event, dream dress Pinterest board, 3 try-before-you-buy dress options in person

No charge for the styling service - it's included in your dress budget!

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